Algebra I

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What Americans Spend on Holidays

The National Retail Foundation sends out press releases that outline their predictions for consumer spending each holiday season. The 2007 - 2009 recession is quite evident in the dips in the charts of the predictions. Some economists argue that due to unemployment and under-employment Americans have not yet fully recovered from the effects of the [...]

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How is Sports Illustrated Faring?

The release of the 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition often brings controversy of some sort. This year's inclusion of a plus-size model does not disappoint. Is it an about face that recognizes that women come in all shapes and sizes or an effort to boost revenue for a flailing industry? MPA The Association of Magazine Media publishes [...]

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Real World Absolute Value Functions

Absolute Value To understand how the absolute value can be applied to the real world, we'll look at two topics: What is considered normal with regard to the temperature of the human body and Fuel economy of two vehicles: a Honda Odyssey and a Nissan Altima.   The absolute value of a number can [...]

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How Much Does Piracy Cost?

The Interview, a 2014 Sony political satire has been in the news recently. Several North American cinema chains cancelled screenings due to potential terrorism in response to its content regarding a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. As a result, Sony pictures released the film for online and digital purchase. In a New [...]

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Factoring Intro The polynomial 2x + 8 can be modeled by the rectangle below. Step 1 Gather the appropriate tiles. Step 2 Arrange the tiles in the shape of a rectangle.   Thus, 2x2 + 8 can be factored into 2(x + 4) . To check, simply use the distributive property to see if you get the [...]

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Algebra Tiles

Algebra Tiles offer a way to make Algebra which is abstract, more concrete. The following pages use Algebra Tiles to introduce numerous concepts. They also include supporting materials to give your students a chance to learn by doing. Solving Equations by Adding and Subtracting Solving Equations by Multiplying and Dividing [...]

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Graphing Linear Equations with a TI-83+

This activity is designed to help you become familiar with the graphing calculator.  In it, you will learn to graph equations of lines, change the window, locate intercepts, and work with the table function of the calculator. Start by turning the calculator on. If you don’t have a blank screen, press the 2nd button, then QUIT [...]

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Line of Best Fit

The article titled Slope described real-world situations in which the concept of slope is useful. Graphing Slope  is the next step. Moving the concept to graph paper or a graphing application. Slope Y-Intercept introduced the concept of the slope y-intercept form of a linear equation. This article will describe how to take data from a [...]

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