Increasing Engagement

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    I remember being frustrated last year at about this time with my geometry students' performance on four questions on their circles test. The test was chronologically ordered in the way the material was presented so I was [...]

    Polar Coordinates and Graphs

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    I remember being frightened by the polar coordinate system and graphing equations using it when I was in my students' seats many years ago. With graphing calculators, this doesn't have to be intimidating. I started [...]

    Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Ratios

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    Spring break brought out the creative juices. I spent time reworking guided notes sheets from last year into doodle notes this year. I like how they turned out. The Tangent Ratio Sine and Cosine Ratios [...]


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    It's conic section time in Pre-Calculus. Learning from last year, I added a section on circles. I polled my students prior to spring break and they didn't recall the equation of a circle in standard [...]