Congruent Triangles Unit

Classifying Triangles Again, I'm re-creating the wheel, hoping to make it better. My students responded well to the doodle notes I created for my Transformations Unit. One commented, "I'm really understanding the material now. Honestly, your class was a little boring, but this chapter was much better." It's amazing how turning the tables on students [...]

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Finding an equation of best fit in Desmos

Go to Desmos.com and choose Start Graphing. In the upper left, choose Add Item > table. Type your data in the table. Click on the wrench in the upper right to change the graph settings. Modify your x, and y values to reflect your data. Decide what type of equation the data represents. In the example [...]

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Matrices and Determinants

Matrices and Systems of Equations You can use a matrix to solve a system of equations. There are many ways to do so. One of them involves finding the augmented matrix and performing row operations on that matrix using the Gauss Elimination method and the Gauss-Jordan Elimination method. Both will be explored in this chapter [...]

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Area in a Coordinate Plane

Google Maps gives you a way to measure distances on a map. If you right click on the map and choose Measure Distance, the first point you click becomes the starting point. When you click a second point, Google Maps provides a scale with the distance between the points  shown in a box.    This scale can [...]

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How High is that Kite?

There is nothing quite like flying a kite on one of the first breezy days of spring. Is it possible to determine how high a kite is flying from a photograph? What would you need to know? If you were flying a kite, what tools could you use to determine its height? http://youtu.be/KknxRn6e9RA     [...]

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Can the Placebo Effect be Extended to Education?

Medical studies have proven the placebo effect is real. Patients who are treated with a placebo often have a change in symptoms for the better. When a patient develops the side effects of the treatment they think they are receiving, it is the opposite - the nocebo effect. While reading The contageous thought that could [...]

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How I Accidentally “Cured” My Allergies

For most of my adult life my coat pockets were full of Kleenex in various states of use. When I went to a friend's or family member's house I immediately scoped out the tissue boxes. It was worse when I lived in St. Joe, MO. My husband and I were newly married and renting a [...]

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