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Geometry week of May 11th– May 15th

Here are the geometry assignments for the week of May 11th– May 15th, 2020.  Monday:   Watch the video and take notes on the notes sheet. Do the Cylinders Surface Area & Volume assignment. When you’re finished, submit your work via the Quizizz. Tuesday:     Join me for the Zoom meeting  Wednesday:   Watch the video  and take notes on the notes sheet. Do the Cones Surface Area & Volume.  Then [...]

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Circumference, Area, and Volume

Below are links to notes sheets for circumference, area of circles and polygons, and 3-D solids. The cover lateral and surface area, and volume. Areas of Circles and Sectors Notes Sheet 3-Dimensional Figures Notes Prisms: Surface Area & Volume Notes Cylinder: Surface Area & Volume Notes Pyramids and Cones Notes Sheet Formulas Reference Sheet   [...]

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