Transformations Unit

//Transformations Unit

Transformations Unit


As an informal assessment, I gave my students a Halloween Transformations worksheet to a) keep them off their phones after they finished their chapter tests and b) see how much they remember about or can do regarding transformations with minimal instruction. Most completed the assignment with no issues.

Translations Vizual Notes can help students engage their artistic, creative side of their brains as they learn new concepts. I scrapped my notes sheet from last year and designed this – which means re-working my PowerPoint – perhaps as a Prezi? There goes my weekend. And I have tests to grade…



The Reflections Vizual Notes can help students visualize how reflections are mapped. I hope they will, anyway, or I have spent a lot of time for naught.



I hope my students will not only get practice with rotations, but will also discover the coordinate rules for rotations using the Rotations Exploration below. I’m using Math Giraffe’s plastic plate idea for the rotations.


Here are the Rotation Vizual Notes as well.


Congruence & Transformations

Here’s a pdf of the Congruence & Transformations Vizual Notes.



Dilations are transformations that do not preserve side lengths. They result in images that are similar to the pre-images.



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