Several years of work are coming together nicely. Unfortunately, I still have tests to grade. There are so many properties for students to know and remember in the quadrilaterals unit of Geometry. I started by creating flash cards on three sheets of paper. Students had to write the property based on the "quadrilateral hieroglyphics" displayed [...]

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Similar Polygon Exploration in Geogebra

Use Geogebra to create similar polygons, compare the scale factor of a dilation with the side lengths of the image and preimage compare the scale factor with the ratio of the perimeters compare the scale factor with the ratio of the areas A written version of the investigation is below. Similar Polygon Exploration To see [...]

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Find an equation of best fit in Geogebra

Go to Click on Geogebra Math Apps. Choose Spreadsheet. Enter your data in the spreadsheet. Click in the graph area, then right click and choose Graphics. In the Basic tab, change your x- and y- mins and maxes to represent your data points. Click on the Grid tab and Show Grid if you want. [...]

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