Translations are one type of transformation. With translations, a pre-image is moved left or right, up or down. It preserves its size, shape, and angle measures. Vectors are used to show how a preimage has moved to the new image. The video below and the accompanying notes sheet can help you understand translation notation.

Section 4.1 notes

Translations Introduction

Translations Introduction

Translation Notes Filled Out


Reflections Notes

Reflections Notes filled out

Reflections Lesson 4-2 notes


Rotations Lesson 4.3 notes

Rotations Notes

Congruence and Transformations

Congruence and Transformations. Section 4-4 notes

Congruence and Transformation Notes – for student notes

Congruence and Transformations notes


Dilations Notes

Dilations notes

Similarity and Transformations


Similarity and Transformations 4-6 notes and ws

Similarity and Transformations notes & ws



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