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Geometry Week of April 13 -17, 2020

Here are the geometry assignments for the week of April 13 – April 17, 2020.  Tuesday:  Trig - Solving for Sides.   You've seen this before break. Take out your notes and refresh your memory. Watch the video at Take notes – notes sheet  Do the worksheet Trig (Solving Sides). Set up equations and show your work.  Submit answers on this quizizz and email your work [...]

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Precalculus Week of April 13 -17, 2020

Feel free to work at the suggested pace below or at your own pace provided you complete all assignments by 11:59 PM Sunday.  Tuesday:  Link to ellipse investigation handout   Visit the calendar to watch the video and/or view the notes over the new material. Notes for Ellipses  Go to and type the class code: 1st hour Y7E5MB , 2nd [...]

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Geometry Week of April 6 -10 2020

Here are the geometry assignments for the week of April 6– April 10, 2020 and a suggested pacing guide.  Monday: 45-45-90 Triangles   - video Tuesday: 30-60-90 Triangles  Wednesday: Week 2 Challenge  Thursday: Quizizz - Click the link - (or go to and enter the code 373758) Make sure your username is your first and last name.     Here are some tutorials that may be useful if you need help.  45-45-90 [...]

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Precalculus Week of 4/6/2020-4/10/2020

Feel free to work at the suggested pace below or at your own pace provided you complete all assignments by 11:59 PM Sunday.  Monday:   Optional but recommended assignment – visit and type the code in for your class period. 1st hour - 58C8RG 2nd hour - BUBV2N   Tuesday:  Download the Notes Sheet for Parabolas. Visit the class website to watch the [...]

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Blackhawk Vector Problem

A Nebraska National Guard helicopter maneuvers Saturday morning to place sandbags near a city of Lincoln well on an island of the flood-ravaged Platte River. State of Nebraska, Courtesy photo I avoided making a nuisance of myself by not driving out to see the 2019 Nebraska floods devastation personally. However, I have spent [...]

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Squares and Square Roots

I was thinking about a way to make square roots more visual for my students. With graph paper, I started sketching out the perfect squares and then played with numbers that form rectangles rather than squares. The video below shows the process. Ideally, students would be introduced to this method in middle school [...]

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Looking for Patterns (Arithmetic Sequences and Finite Differences)

I bought and read Jo Boaler's "What's Math Got To Do With It?" last summer. She really gave me food for thought regarding grouping by ability and gender differences. I also read "Mathematical Mindsets" this fall. As a high school math teacher, I set a goal to make my teaching more visual, delve into the [...]

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