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Crack the Code

As a review for the semester 1 final, I created a review centered around deciphering clues. My students are not always good about doing work accurately. Some want to just write down an answer to finish. This several day long activity is designed to promote accuracy. There are several parts.           [...]

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Rectangular Coordinates

Coordinate Plane The coordinate plane is used to represent ordered pairs of real numbers by points in a plane and determine relationships between those points and the segments, lines or curves that connect them.   The axes form four quadrants. The x values are positive from the origin to the right and are negative from [...]

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Midpoint and Distance Formulas

The midpoint formula and the distance formula are introduced in algebra class. If students do not get a chance to discover how they are derived, they become yet another set of equations and processes to memorize. The activity below gives students an opportunity to discover the formulas or re-discover them. The Pythagorean Theorem is sprinkled [...]

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