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Rectangular Coordinates

Coordinate Plane The coordinate plane is used to represent ordered pairs of real numbers by points in a plane and determine relationships between those points and the segments, lines or curves that connect them.   The axes form four quadrants. The x values are positive from the origin to the right and are negative from [...]

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Real World Absolute Value Functions

Absolute Value To understand how the absolute value can be applied to the real world, we'll look at two topics: What is considered normal with regard to the temperature of the human body and Fuel economy of two vehicles: a Honda Odyssey and a Nissan Altima.   The absolute value of a number can [...]

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Graphing Linear Equations with a TI-83+

This activity is designed to help you become familiar with the graphing calculator.  In it, you will learn to graph equations of lines, change the window, locate intercepts, and work with the table function of the calculator. Start by turning the calculator on. If you don’t have a blank screen, press the 2nd button, then QUIT [...]

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