The start of the second semester has me teaching both Algebra II and Pre-Calculus trigonometry simultaneously. My initial plan is to post material for both classes here. It it becomes confusing or too cumbersome, I’ll split the two classes.

Algebra II

Right Triangle Trigonometry

A foldable on trig concepts seems in order given the amount of material to be reviewed and learned.

Trig foldable

Trig foldable outside when folded  Inside of trig foldable

unit circles

Trig Functions Foldable

Trig Functions Foldable Outside   Trig Functions Foldable

Unit Circle

Lessons 6-1 to 6-3 review


Intro to Trig foldable

intro to trig foldable inside

unit circles

Trig Functions Foldabletrig functions foldable inside

Graphing Sines and Cosines

graphing sin cos amplitude

4.5 sin and cos translations

Graphing Sines and Cosines

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