Precalculus week of May 11 – May 15

 Feel free to work at the suggested pace below or at your own pace provided you complete all assignments by 11:59 PM Sunday.  Monday:   Desmos Exploring the Graphs of Polar Equations - Go to student.desmos.com and type the class code 1st hour 87N6JP , 2nd hour AE85B6  Tuesday:   Visit my website/blog for a video and to take notes on Graphing Polar Equations. Do the matching worksheet.  [...]

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Graphing Polar Equations

We have spent some time learning how to graph circles, limacons, rose curves, and lemniscates on the polar coordinate plane. The material you see below is borrowed heavily from Yosh's Graphing Polar Equations part 1, part 2, and part 3. I have included a link to the Word document instead of a pdf of the [...]

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