Reasoning and Proofs

//Reasoning and Proofs

Reasoning and Proofs

Conditional Statements

My goal for this unit is to help students see the goal of becoming more logical, methodical, and developing their pre-frontal cortex. After the chapter 1 test, I gave them a copy of Who Owns the Zebra? While a few flew through it, some didn’t know where to begin. If I have time, I hope to create a table that can help them make sense of the puzzle.

I’ve created a Conditional Foldable to help with learning the terms conditional, negation, converse, inverse, contrapositive and biconditional.


Angle Relationships

Many of the proofs in this chapter involve angles and how they are related. The maze below can help students develop fluency with complementary, supplementary, linear pairs, and vertical angles.


Angle Relationships Maze pdf

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