Several years of work are coming together nicely. Unfortunately, I still have tests to grade.

There are so many properties for students to know and remember in the quadrilaterals unit of Geometry. I started by creating flash cards on two sheets of paper back to back.

Students had to write the property based on the “quadrilateral hieroglyphics” displayed on the card. Some struggled with filling them out because even though I explained it and showed it, they did not get the fact that images are reversed when flipping a paper over to write a property. They also spent too much time simply copying information and not processing it. I did make a cool game board to go along with the flashcards so they were dual purpose and the game was used as our chapter review.

Last year I made some Vizual Notes to help students have the properties on two full sheets. That seemed to help, but my intention was to include notes on the back that matched my presentations. I didn’t fully sync that up until this evening.

The thing I’m most excited to use with my students, though, is a Geogebra app I created that hopefully will help them discover the properties on their own.

There’s a “notice and wonder” sheet to help them kick off the quadrilaterals unit as we explore the properties of parallelograms.

Now, to wake up and get out of the house early enough to print and make copies.


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  1. MM B October 5, 2022 at 10:33 am - Reply

    Thank you Mrs. Bender,

    These worksheets are well-done. Is it possible to get the squiggly lines out from underneath the text. Of course, I have shamelessly pirated many figures from the Internet, including your intensive Bingo-board of geometry puzzles. Thank you!

    • Stacie Bender April 7, 2023 at 7:48 am - Reply

      The squigglies are from Word’s dictionary check. I think a pdf of the file is linked in the page. It does print on an 11×17″ piece of paper, But you should get a better quality product than if you click on the images and expand them to fit your page.

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