Graphing Absolute Value

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Graphing Absolute Value

When graphing the absolute value function, create a t-chart and list values for x. Then plug those values into the equation to find y.

graph y=abs(x)

Be sure to treat the absolute value like a parenthesis and perform the order of operations using it as a grouping symbol. Anything within the absolute value is performed first.

graph y=abs(x+3)

Once you have practiced graphing several absolute value equations and understand its behavior, you can check your work using a graphing calculator or an online graphing calculator like Desmos.

TI84+ math number absTI84+ absolute value equationsTI84+ absolute value graphed

3:09 of the video shows how to graph absolute value equations using a TI-84+.

Graph Absolute Value student handout is provided for download.

graphing absolute value handout thumbnail

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