One frustration I encountered last year in my geometry classes involved the Distance and Midpoint formulas. Our text book and I made the assumption that since my students had worked with these formulas, they would remember them and could use them. We encountered problems throughout the book that required the use of both formulas and I [...]

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Circumference, Area, and Volume

Below are links to notes sheets for circumference, area of circles and polygons, and 3-D solids. The cover lateral and surface area, and volume. Areas of Circles and Sectors Notes Sheet 3-Dimensional Figures Notes Prisms: Surface Area & Volume Notes Cylinder: Surface Area & Volume Notes Pyramids and Cones Notes Sheet Formulas Reference Sheet   [...]

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Chords, Secants and Tangents, Oh my!

When starting a new unit on circles, I'm cognizant of how important learning the vocabulary is. Most geometry students are only familiar with the center, radius and diameter of a circle. Following a trigonometry unit, the word tangent takes on  a new meaning. The following notes sheets and study guides should help address this. Lines & Segments that [...]

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How do you measure a zip line?

Over spring break we were treated to a once in a lifetime cruise to the Bahamas. My husband's parents wanted to celebrate their upcoming 50th anniversary by taking the whole family to Haiti and Jamaica. While on the trip, many of us rode the zip line down the Dragon's Breath Flight Line in Labadee, Haiti. [...]

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Special Right Triangles

Special Right Triangles Two special right triangles appear in upper levels of mathematics and in construction. In this investigation you can learn how to find the lengths of the sides of isosceles right triangles and 30-60-90 right triangles using short cuts. Special Right Triangles Investigation

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Similar Polygon Exploration

Explore the relationship between the ratios of sides of similar polygons. Determine how the perimeters of similar polygons relate to one another. Next explore the relationship between the area of dilations. Remember the scale factor? How does it factor in? Choose between  a coordinate geometry exploration or a Geogebra exploration.    Similar Polygons Explorations

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Properties of Quadrilaterals

There is a  lot to keep straight when it comes to quadrilaterals and their properties. I've decided to have my students take notes over the properties by making flash cards. Quadrilaterals & Other Polygons Flash Cards - print this version if you want them to fill out the cards Quadrilaterals & Other Polygons Flash Cards Filled [...]

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Quadrilaterals and Other Polygons

Angles of Polygons In this section, we review the names of polygons based on the number of sides, and learn about the interior and exterior angles of a polygon. Specifically, we explore the sum of the interior angles and the sum of the exterior angles of convex polygons. Polygon Investigation Alternatively, watch the video below [...]

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